Recovering from a drug addiction is never easy regardless of what drug someone may have been addicted to but great progress has been made by the many recovery centers around the United States but they can only help those that seek their assistance and many addicts don’t.

Some people have said that if America could completely close its borders, the country’s addiction levels would be reduced to none existent however, the truth is that one of the largest illegal drugs responsible for addiction in America is methamphetamine (meth) and that is made in the U.S and so closing the borders would hardly help reduce the number of addicts, although it may cause some to change from cocaine to methamphetamine but the result is still the same, they are addicts.

For those addicts that wish to be cured, the often asked question is how long are meth effects still in the body? Although a straight forward question, the answer is more complex as meth affects the brain and body in many ways and sometimes, if the damage is severe enough, may last for a very long time.

The drug seems to give people a buzz, makes them feel good and that is because meth affects the brain but it affects the brain in more ways than just making someone feel good, it also Can make them suffer from insomnia, be aggressive or irritable and to become anxious and paranoid.

These effects will usually last for somewhere between 6 and 24 hours but it is the ill effects to the rest of the body which may last longer and can be in certain cases, fatal.

Apart from the brain, meth can affect the heart and the blood, it can affect the liver and kidneys and it can also cause skin problems and so no one, before taking the drug, will know what affect it may have on them or how severe that effect may be. When meth was first introduced in the United States, it was hailed as being a miracle drug which could legally be taken to help people lose weight. Although it was successful in doing that, it was later that the side effects of the drug were detected, forcing it to become illegal to be used.

Many people had already gotten used to taking it though as it was addictive and so they looked to buy it illegally.

This created an illegal market for it and as it was easy to produce, more was made than was needed at first however, as with many other illegal drugs, meth had good salesmen and it soon became more popular as an illegal recreational drug than it ever had been as a legal, miracle drug assisting in weight loss.

The first step to recovery though is to quit the addiction and that is where the recovery centers can help but you must want to visit one in order for them to offer that help for you to quit the addiction.

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