Twenty years ago, life was easy and simple. I was a little over six by that time and the only problem I had was I didn’t want what my mother was telling me to wear, I was having a hard time finishing my homework and most of all I was trying to find a group of friends who will accept me and be true to me. When I wanted to play all I had to do was get twigs from the tree, use small plastic containers from food that was consumed, put water on it and other things that will make it seem like I am cooking. I would put the chairs beside each other, get my blanket and put it on top to make it look like I have a house. Outside our house, we would play hide and seek, run after each other, play Chinese garter, jackstone and all those old games that we used to play. I studied very hard because I always dreamed of becoming a doctor. Then after a few years, after going through cooking and baking classes, I changed my dream into becoming a chef or a restaurant owner. When I graduated from high school, I pushed my parents to enroll me in one of the prestigious culinary schools in the country. But they were very firm in telling me that I should get a degree in business first before I can study culinary, and so I followed them. Then I developed my interest in becoming a businesswoman once I graduated from college because of all the things I learned about it.

Fast forward to today, I am not a doctor, chef nor a businesswoman. I have never become any of what I wanted to be but I am a mother. Most people perceived being a mother as a simple task that women do. But when you become a parent yourself and see what mothers goes through, your respect for them will be even higher. Carrying a child in your womb for nine whole months is not an easy matter. This women most of the time need to stop their career or professions just to pave way for the birth of their child. They have to take good care of them while juggling all the household chores and attending to their husbands needs. They gain weight, even wear the best waist cincher just to make them feel and look slimmer, they undergo all sorts of sacrifices. They know there life changes the first time they hear their baby crying and this will never be the same for the rest of their lives.

I do not regret not being able to follow any of my life long dreams. I may not have a job that pays me tons of money. I may not have a profession that fulfills my inner being. But I have a child that gives me happiness, a new life that no amount of money or experience can ever take place.

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