In the 1980s, many athletes were thought to be taking steroids to improve their performances and one of the steroids that they were giving themselves boosts of, was testosterone, a natural steroid that is produced in many animals including humans. This particular steroid increases the strength of bones and improves muscle growth and so is particularly beneficial to someone like an athlete. Due to some concerns about the excellence of the performances by Ben Johnson at the Olympics of 1988, the Olympic committee looked into the use of steroid boosts by athletes and decided that they afforded those athletes that took them, an unfair and distinct advantage over their fellow athletes that weren’t taking them and so, banned them from being taken at Olympic events. This led to a barrage of other sporting organizations coming to the same conclusions and they also banned their use at their events.

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t taken today, they are but rarely by professional athletes as drug tests, testing for these boosters are now carried out on at a regular interval and especially at the bigger meets or tournaments. They are though, taken by body builders and other people just looking to improve their look by increasing their muscle size. If a body builder wants to create a body that is up to competition standards, it can take months of training in a gym, following a stringent exercise regime plus, on top of taking all that exercise, they would also probably have to stick to a rigid diet too. That though is months if they do not take any boosters. If they choose to take boosters whilst undergoing these strict programs, instead of taking months, their aims can be reached in just a short few weeks. As these boosters obviously work, many men who just want to increase their muscles without the hassle of having to go to a gym and join some exhausting fitness program or even don’t want to have to follow a strict diet, although they will not achieve the same amount of muscles as those body builders, they can still increase their muscles noticeably, just by taking the boosters.

If you are thinking of starting to take boosters like these, it is always best to seek best testosterone boosters advice before starting as, although genuine testosterone boosters have been proven to be harmless, having no potentially health damaging side effects, fake boosters have been known to be sold, claiming to be the genuine thing. At one time these fakes caused some concern as they had caused detrimental health concerns in those that had mistakenly taken them. Although these fakes did make some people think that the genuine boosters were harmful, medical tests soon cleared up the confusion and the true boosters were given a clean bill of health to be used. This example does show though that, when dealing with any kind of drug you must take care and ensure that what you are being given is, in fact, exactly what you asked for.

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