I live in a third worlds country and I would be lying to you if I say that migrating to another country never crossed my mind. Since I was in grade school, I often hear my parents talking about it. This is considering the fact that we were already living comfortably and their business was booming. They would say that they are concerned of what the future holds in our country. Corruption was very rampant and as the years passed by it worsen even more. The living conditions of people were becoming more unbearable and sending six children to private schools was becoming harder for them. Fast forward to today, we still live in the same country. We got older but we still have the same sentiments especially now that I have a mother to a two- year- old daughter.

I often felt bad when I overheard my parents talking about it. But now that I am a parent myself, I fully understand why they were even considering it. Life is trulty becoming harder nowadays and if you do not have a good paying job or a business that generates income, then you are out for the worst. The prices of basic commodities are starting to skyrocket and there is no or minimal support from the government who at the first place should be looking out for their people’s welfare. We do not have free health benefits even more a choice affordable dental care. If we want to have a check up to our physician or dentist, we need to pay for the professional fee and other expenses. How can people pay for this when they do not even have enough money to live in a house or buy food. Having a health check up is surely at the bottom of their checklist.

When I look around the city, I thank the Lord God for blessing with everything I have. From surrounding me with the best people whom I love and care for dearly, from providing for our basic wants and needs. I am truly very lucky because I get to enjoy the things I have unlike our other less fortunate brothers and sisters who needs to walk around to beg for food. It breaks my heart to see that there are people who even had to go to the trashcans and check if there are still food in the containers thrown. Life is truly not the same for everyone and we should learn how to appreciate everything we have from the biggest and most significant down to the smallest and littlest things. Not everyone has the chance to experience the life that we are enjoying today. In order to give back, we should know how to share and help other people in whatever way we can. Share your blessings and never stoop down on other people pride and dignity while never asking for anything in return.

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