Dealing with pain relief is never easy and can in some instances be quite expensive even though the relief gotten varies. Today, however, there is a cream which has been made with CBD as an ingredient which is both effective and reasonably priced. The best CBD cream for pain may be debatable but there is little doubt that any product which contains CBD will be effective and have health benefits.

Two of the most popular CBD medications as yet available are CBD muscle pain cream and CBD oil for stress. Although these two products are already gaining in popularity, research continues to find more benefits of CBD, including the possibility it may be able to help cancer victims.

CBD is the shortened name for Cannabidiol which can be found in some of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant. As the hemp plant has for many years been banned due to the bad reputation it got under its other names, cannabis, and marijuana, the bad reputation was not due to CBD but to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is also found in some of the hemp plant’s cannabinoids.

For thousands of years, dating back 4000 years to the times of the Ancient Egyptians, it has been proven that hemp has been used for medical purposes but of course, during all those years of use, the benefits have also had to be associated with the side-effects the THC may produce. Now, however, scientists can distinguish between cannabinoids containing CBD and those containing THC which means the benefits of CBD can now be enjoyed without the adverse effects of the THC.

Some cannabinoids are produced by the human body and as these ones are beneficial to our health, the brain created cannabinoid receptors in order to get the full benefit of them. These receptors though do not differentiate between the different cannabinoids and so both good and bad ones have a more immediate effect on us. This is good when cannabinoids containing CBD are taken but not so good when cannabinoids containing THC are taken but now scientists can do what our brains alone cannot, the full effectiveness of CBD can be most beneficial.

Although scientists have already been able to create strains of hemp which have only small amounts of THC in them, they are still working to create a strain which contains no THC. If their efforts are successful, any person or country will be able to grow these specialized strains of hemp without fear they will be used for recreational purposes. The medical benefits of the hemp plant are certain and are at last being taken advantage of, but there are still more benefits which the hemp plant can offer us.

Oil can be produced from hemp which can be used to fuel automobiles as was shown by the first Ford car being specifically designed to run on hemp oil. The pulp of the plant can also be used instead of paper (wood) to make many products, allowing fewer forests to be destroyed for their timber.

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