Many smokers are finding out that using e-cigarettes is cheaper than smoking and this especially the case if discounts are used. One way of taking advantage of a discount is to use a V2 Cigs coupon code. That though is not the only way as there are plenty of coupons and discount codes available online for many of the different brands of e-cigarettes. It is mainly smokers that start to use e-cigarettes and whilst all make some savings, those that are able to completely switch from smoking to using only e-cigarettes are seeing savings of as much as £200 per month. Most smokers do not start using e-cigarettes because of the savings though, they often realize those later but they try e=cigarettes to stop their cravings for a smoke when inside a building that prohibits smoking.

E-cigarettes have shown themselves to be able to stem the cravings for a smoke by someone that is not allowed to smoke where they are and in some instances, having tried an e-cigarette, people are able to give up smoking all together but sadly that is not always the case. If people could stop smoking and take up e-cigarettes instead, their health would certainly improve or at least, stop continuing to decline. Bans on smoking were not put in place because of concerns for a smoker’s health, the hazards to a smoker were known long before any bans were put in place. It was only when it was realized that smokers were not only causing a potential hazard to their own health by smoking but were also causing a potential hazard to the health of people around them through second hand smoke. As, up to today, no health hazards have been proven to be associated with e-cigarettes, there have been no bans placed on their use and so smokers can gain some solace from their banned smoking by having an e-cigarette.

When a smoker begins to use e-cigarettes, they should start by buying a starter kit which has all the components needed and is easy to use. The kit contains a vaporizer to turn the e-liquid into vapour, a container to hold the e-liquid and a battery to operate it. The e-cigarette in a starter kit is known as a mini e-cigarette as it is small and has a small battery. For ease in changing, the containers containing the e-liquids are replaceable. The larger vape pens which many e-cigarette users advance to are larger and so their batteries need recharging less frequently and often their e-liquid containers are refillable. Less recharging of the batteries is convenient and refillable e-liquid containers are cheaper and more versatile. This is because you can refill the container with e-liquid that you buy in bulk at a cheaper price and are more versatile as you can mix two or more flavours into the same container, producing an e-liquid which is exactly to your taste and perhaps even unique. Larger vaporizers also allow you to control the strength of the vapours.

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